About Me

My name is Rizwan Aziz. I started my web development career in the year 2007. I have vast experience in developing various types of web applications. I believe in lifetime learning and lifetime improvement because, in the world of programming, a professional can survive only by keep on learning throughout his or her life. Following is the list of my expertise.

Basically, I developed this website to demonstrate my web development skills. Anybody considering about hiring me can easily assess my knowledge and expertise level simply by looking at this website. Hopefully, I'll keep on updating this website and will continue to add new features to it so that it remains true representative of my web development skills.

However, I didn't forget site visitors while developing this website. I made this website a perfect solution for all those who want to buy or sell various stuff in Pakistan. I have added all the features that are required to buy or sell various itmes in Pakistan. You can specify in detail what you want to buy or sell. Also, you can add multiple pictures per ad and these images are presented to site visitors in a very nice and well-organized way. One more thing, this website is totally free to use. Whether you are looking for something or you are interested in selling an item, you can use this website without paying a single penny.