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A Few Tips Regarding Summer Makeup

Just imagine if you have melted foundation on your face accompanied with disturbed mascara and there is lipstick applied on your lips which is making your lips stick with each other. Just guess how you will feel in such a situation? Obviously, you will consider such a situation a proper nightmare for you. Hence in an increased temperature, you need to take adequate steps to handle the situation nicely.

It is really simple to apply makeup indoor and have nice photoshoot for your social media profiles. But if we talk about going out with heavy makeup applied on your face, things are not that simple.

Following are a few tips which can help you a lot in handling the situation properly when you are outside.

Good Practices

Focus on Skin First

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your skin. You must pay special attention to your skin. Keep on checking your skin regularly make sure to incorporate a tinkle so that you can avoid peach fuzz. Such a stuff may not be prominent indoor when you are out in broad sunshine, it can get highlighted very easily.

Try to focus on properly hydrating your skin and exfoliate after regular intervals so that you can guard against the clogging of the skin.

Rely a Bit On Foundation

It is a common practice to start with applying some foundation in addition to little moisturizer so that cakey issues can be avoided while standing in broad sunlight. Most of such cosmetics that are not much heavy but have creamy nature are really good to introduce dwey glow which does not look aritificial at all. If you want your glam to stay for longer period of time, make sure to use water-resistant cosmetics. But keep in mind that even if you have highly water-proof products, apply them in limited quantity. As a general rule, during summer season, always go ahead with minimal makeup.

Keep the Things Close To Neutral

Try to get rid of bright colors by employing nudes and incorporate shimmers to have some additional pop. Doesn't matter whether you are applying the makeup on your lips or you are decorating your eyes, go for neutral colors. Furthermore, add some gloss or moisturizing lip so that the overall look can become better and fresh. By applying some liquid highlighter in addition to the bronzer make the things better and can enhance your appearance to the next level.

Things To Be Avoided

No More Layering

In order to avoid greasy feel and raccon eyes, do not apply layering of any kind. The best approach to deal with summer is to let your skin relax without applying too many chemicals.

ROYGBIV Must Be Avoided

There is no need to go for smokey eyes. Similarly, avoid vampy colors for your lips and plummy blushes while the weather is hot because in the increased temperature, dark colored products really have harsh impact on your soft skin. This heat can lead to smeared or smudged situation and it can lead to serious skin related issues.

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