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Now users can upgrade to Windows 11 while installing Windows 10

Windows 11 has been officially launched. Not only users can install the newer version on their systems, it will have strong impact on the newly purchased systems. The new systems must be equipped with Windows 11 or there must be a certain transitional time span if Windows 11 is not already installed.

For those new systems which are still equipped with the previous version i.e. Windows 10, Microsoft has announced a tremendous new strategy. What then have done is that they added a feature which asks the user about installing Windows 11 while installing Windows 10. This way, users don't have to first install the old version and then take another step to get the newer version running.

Now the question arises what will be the case if someone purchased a new system with older operating system installed? These people need not to worry at all. Their operating system can upgrade itself to the new update. However, their system must be connected to internet and it must have all the necessary hardware required to run Windows 11 including RAM, TPM 2.0, CPU etc. Such an update is available for 4 versions of Windows 10 including 2004, 21H1, 21H2 and 20H2.
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