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Imported Turkish rug
I am selling imported Turkish rug. It is almost a square shaped rug. Just like new rug. Hardly used. Some cleaning is needed.I have 2 such rugs available. The mentioned price is for 1 piece only.

Offering Turkish rug
This is an imported rug. It is Turkish rug. No fault or damage etc. Condition is hundred percent fine. However, you need to clean the carpet once. The size is large i.e. 150*230

Imported rug for sale
Imported rug from Turkey is for sale.Some cleaning will be required. This is a large sized carpet with the following dimensions 150x230

Selling my irani carpet
Selling Irani carpet at much lower price. The dimensions of this carpet are 8'6"x6'3". I am sure if you purchase such a carpet from the market, you will not be able to have it for less than 25000. However, I am offering it just for Rs. 7 thousand. Contact me for discussing further.

A couple of normal size carpets
Assalam o Alaikum. 2 middle sized carpets for sale. Awesome condition. You can consider these carpets like new ones.

Full size carpet for urgent sale
I am selling full size carpet which is enough to cover the whole room. For urgent sale.

Turkish carpet for sale only for genuine purchaser
This is brand new Turkish carpet. The size of this carpet is 120x170 centimetres or you can say 3.95x5.6 feet

Buy Carpet
The size of the bed is 11x7.3 feet Overall condition is not bad. You can give it 80 marks out of hundred. Final price will be Rs. 1,500.

Beautiful bed sheets dual printed with a couple of pillow cases
We are offering dual printed bed sheets along with a couple of pillowcases. You can choose to pay when the stuff is delivered to your doorstep. We are shipping all over Pakistan. But delivery charges will be required to be paid in addition to the original price. The size of each bed sheet is 8.....

wardrobe for the cloths
I am selling wardrobe for the cloths. The overall condition is very good. It's like a new wardrobe.